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Zilpi lake Nagpur

Hey guys if you are looking for a place to go camping near Nagpur, then this blog is for you.

There is a place known as Zilpi Lake Nagpur. It’s a great option to chill out with your friends and family. Zilpi Lake Nagpur is a peaceful and beautiful place to visit. The lake is surrounded by hills and forests that provide faculty for tents and all you can enjoy the outdoors there.

What Zilpi Lake Nagpur provides

If you want to camp at Zilpi Lake Nagpur, there are many places to pitch your tent and different spaces to suit your needs. Some campsites have basic amenities like toilets and showers, while others offer more luxurious options like cabins and tents with beds.

To make your stay easier, they also provide tents, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment. Another popular activity in Zilpi Lake is trekking.

Zilpi Lake Nagpur offers a wide range of activities besides camping. Take a nature walk among the forests nearby, go boating, fishing, or bonfire, or play sports. Zilpi Lake is also a well-liked location to witness many species of birds if you’re interested in bird watching. Several trekking routes can be booked from Mosaic Adventures that take you through the stunning hills and forested areas surrounding the lake. It is an educational and enjoyable experience because of the expert guides’ insights into the area’s flora and wildlife.

Location of Zilpi Lake Nagpur

From Nagpur, getting to Zilpi Lake is simple. In nearly 3–4 hours, you can travel there by bus or cab. When the weather is nice, October and February is the ideal time to travel. When the lake is at its fullest, between July and August, you can travel if you like the monsoon season.

My experience 👍

In my personal experience of Zilpi Lake Nagpur, me and my friends I visited Zilpi Lake Nagpur in December during winter so it is really peaceful and there are no other groups. That’s why it’s more peaceful and we enjoyed it a lot there. We enjoyed the delicious food provided by the camping site’s helper. We had daal, roti, Rice, ladyfinger, gulab jamun in sweet and more food is good. 

They do have a Bonfire facility and provide sports equipment like football so we played football a little and provided a speaker to listen to the song you can dance and sing. If you want to experience a chill vibe there please enjoy the amazing experience of Zhilpi Lake Nagpur and visit once.


In general, camping in Zilpi Lake near Nagpur is a terrific way to get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors. Camping lovers love going here because of the peaceful settings, camping services, and fun activities. Pack your bags, grab your tent, and head to Zilpi Lake if you want an amazing camping trip!

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