Top 10 Tourist Places in Sawantwadi

Top 10 Tourist Places in Sawantwadi Hello friends Welcome to another article. Today, in this article, we have informed about the 10 tourist destinations of Sawantwadi.

10 Tourist Places in Sawantwadi

Friends Sawantwadi is one of the most beautiful and attractive Tourist Places in Sawantwadi destinations in Maharashtra.
Sawantwadi is known for wood toys. The ponds, jungles, and high hills in these places make this place even more beautiful.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Sawantwadi

Sawantwadi is named on the descendant of Sawant in this place. From the corners of Maharashtra, many tourists come to visit Sawantwadi with great eagerness. Similarly, we will know about the 10 tourist destinations in Sawantwadi today.

Atmashesh Temple

  • Atheshwar is an ancient temple. Which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known as a unique temple by the reputation of two Shivlingas in this temple.
  • At the same time, there is a unique aqueduct in this place where the water flows above the ground level and fills it.
  • This temple is said to be the grace of God for the citizens of Sawantwadi.
  • The temple is about ten minutes away from the Sawantwadi bus station.

Paradise Beach

  • The Paradise Beach is known as an excellent beach near Sawantwadi. Jo is near the village of Shiroda.
  • Shiroda is a village in Vengurur taluka, but the beach is 28 km from Sawantwadi.
  • The Paradise Beach is very distant on the beach. At the same time, the market is filled every Sunday at this place.
  • In which clothing shops, earthenware, and large amounts of fish are sold.

Yashwant Gad

  • Yashwant Gad is an excellent place in Sawantwadi.
  • This fort is also known as Ready Fort. The fort is located on the hill on the creek.
  • There is a large number of trees in the Yashwant Gad fort. The state of this fort is not very good. But after reaching the top of this fort, you can see the sea. And enjoy the cold air running in this place.
  • The fort is 32 kilometers from Sawantwadi.

Raghunath Market

  • Raghunath Market is a popular place in Sawantwadi. Which is also known as an important craft center in India.
  • Raghunath Market is said to be approximately one hundred and hundred years old.
  • Raghunath Market is a great place for buying Konkani handicrafts.
  • At the same time, you can enjoy the Konkani drink of Avla juice and Kokam Sarabat, which is famous in this market.
  • Many tourists visiting Sawantwadi are visiting this market.

Sawantwadi Palace

  • Sawantwadi Palace is a popular tourist destination in Sindhudurg district. Which was once the house of the Bhosale kings and then Sawantwadi rulers.
  • This beautiful and attractive building was built using latarite stone between 1705 and 1803.
  • Sawantwadi Palace is a heritage building.
  • In this museum you get to see beautiful artwork, pictures, royal jewelry, and garments.
  • The palace is five minutes away from the Sawantwadi bus station.

Timeagar Beach

  • Timeagar Beach is a popular tourist destination in Sindhudurg district. This beach is a great place to spend time with time.
  • On this beach we get a large amount of green.
  • The best beauty of nature, clean sand, shining blue water, and cold air can be experienced on the beach.
  • Many tourists visiting Sawantwadi are coming to visit this beach.


  • The sculpture village Heritage Resort is an excellent place of a sophisticated swimming pool and well -equipped rooms. Which is surrounded by natural environment.
  • This is a great place to get out of everyday life and spend some time in nature.
  • From Sawantwadi, the location of the Shilch Village Heritage Resort is about one and a half kilometers.

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Popular Tourist Spots in Satara

Jagannathrao Bhosale Park

  • Jagannathrao Bhosale Park is a popular tourist destination in Sawantwadi city. Which is sitting in the middle of the city.
  • The Jagannathrao Bhosale Park is usually expanded in a 5 -acre area.
  • At this point you can enjoy beautiful designs and different types of trees.
  • There are also different types of toys available for young children in this place.
  • Many tourists come to visit this place to enjoy a week of holidays.
  • The park, however, is five minutes away from the Sawantwadi bus station.

Amboli Ghat

  • Amboli Ghat is a perfect place in Maharashtra for the trip. Which is close to Sawantwadi.
  • The Amboli Ghat from Sawantwadi is about 30 kilometers.
  • Amboli is also known as the second Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra.
  • Amboli is a hill station. The JJ is situated at a height of 690 kilometers from the sea level.
  • Especially in the rainy season, the crowd of tourists visiting Amboli is the highest.
  • At Amboli, you can visit famous places like waterfalls, Hira Keshi Temple, Sunset Point etc.

pearl pond

  • Moti Lake is a popular tourist destination of Sawantwadi. Which is in the middle of the city of Sawantwadi.
  • In the year 1, the pearl lake was created.
  • At this point we can enjoy the rights and jogging tracks. Many tourists who visit pearl lakes enjoy the boat right in the lake.
  • According to the local people, it is said that there are beautiful pearls in the lake, so the lake was named as pearl lake.
  • At the same time, we can do shopping in the market where there is a famous market near the lake.
  • Friends, today we have learned about the 10 tourist destinations in Sawantwadi.
  • You have visited, or you have visited the tourist destinations of Sawantwadi before, comment and let us know.


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