Pune to Hyderabad Distance: A Mesmerizing Journey

Introduction for pune to hyderabad distance

A doorway to breathtaking scenery, cultural variety, and historical wonders is the road between Pune and Hyderabad. This tour, which covers a pune to hyderabad distance of around 560 kilometres, gives visitors the chance to discover the bustling cities, picturesque scenery, and architectural wonders that characterize the Deccan area of India.

In this blog, we’ll set out on a thrilling journey, exploring the Pune to Hyderabad route in-depth, highlighting significant sights along the way, and offering helpful travel advice for a great trip.

pune to hyderabad distance: 

  1. The Route: A Passage through History and Natural Beauty

Both the National Highway 65 (NH65) and the railway are options for getting from Pune to Hyderabad. With well-maintained roads and lots of rest spots, NH65 provides a lovely journey through the Deccan Plateau. Before arriving in the thriving city of Hyderabad, the journey takes you from Pune through the districts of Solapur and Osmanabad.

Attractions along the Way pune to hyderabad distance

2.1 Solapur: The Land of Historical Splendor

The first significant city on the way to Hyderabad is Solapur, which is well-known for its historical significance and cultural legacy. One of the main draws in this area is the well-known Siddheshwar Temple, which dates back to the 12th century. Another location that history buffs may like is the fortified Bhui-Kot Castle, which has an outstanding architecture.

2.2 Osmanabad: Where History Meets Spirituality

Osmanabad, a town in Maharashtra’s Marathwada area, is renowned for its historic landmarks and antiquated temples. The 6th-century Kharosa Caves are a wonder of rock-cut construction and provide a tranquil setting for exploring. An impressive Bahmani dynasty building, Naldurg Fort, offers a window into the area’s colourful past.

The Pearl City: Hyderabad

3.1 Charminar: An Iconic Landmark

As you approach Hyderabad, the majestic Charminar set against the city skyline will stun you. This well-known structure, which was built in 1591, is a symbol of the city’s rich history and is surrounded by a bustling market that makes for enjoyable shopping.

3.2 Golconda Fort: A Fortress of Grandeur

History aficionados should make a trip to Golconda Fort, which is close to the city centre. This 16th-century fortification features gorgeous architecture, grand entrances, and an amazing acoustic system that can send sounds far away.

3.3 Ramoji Film City: A Cinematic Extravaganza

The largest film studio complex in the world, Ramoji Film City, is a true treat for movie buffs. It covers 2,000 acres and provides guided tours, live performances, and a chance to witness the wonder of filmmaking.

how to Travel from pune to hyderabad distance: 

By Car

When you travel by automobile, you have more freedom, convenience, and time to visit the numerous sights along the way at your own speed. Here are some important things to think about when travelling by car:

  • Self-Driving: Self-driving can be a gratifying choice if you enjoy driving and have access to a car. Make that the car has the right paperwork, is in good working order, has been serviced, and is registered, insured, and has a valid driver’s licence.
  • Rental Car: Renting a car is a common option if you do not own a personal automobile. In Pune, there are a number of reliable automobile rental companies. Make sure you plan ahead, shop around, and select a reputable service.
  • Route navigation: To ensure a pleasant journey, use GPS or navigation apps. Keep a paper copy of your map or atlas on hand just in case, especially in places with spotty network service.
  • Rest Stops & Pit Stops: The NH65 provides a number of pit stops, petrol stations and eateries along the road. When you need to, take breaks, stretch your legs, and refuel.

By Train

  • Travelling by train is a practical and comfortable choice for people who prefer a more leisurely and picturesque journey. Here are some specifics to think about:
  • Pune and Hyderabad are well connected by train, and numerous trains run on this route each day. Checking train availability and schedules is advised, especially during periods of high travel demand.
  • Air-conditioned coaches (1AC, 2AC, and 3AC) and non-air-conditioned coaches (Sleeper and General) are among the several travel classes offered by Indian Railways. Depending on your comfort level and price range, pick a class.
  • Trains offer facilities including food and beverage services, spotless restrooms, and cosy seating and bunk configurations. There are entertainment choices available on some long-distance trains.


As we mention pune to hyderabad distance of around 560 kilometres, Travellers that set out for Hyderabad from Pune will have the chance to discover the Deccan region’s marvels. This itinerary has a wide variety of sights that would enthral any traveller, from historical landmarks to areas of breathtaking natural beauty.

This road trip promises to be a wonderful experience replete with cultural immersion, architectural wonders, and gastronomic delights if it is planned carefully, undertaken with an adventurous attitude, and fueled by a desire to discover. So get ready for a fantastic tour across the Deccan heartland and make lifelong memories.

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