The Great Kalsubai Trek : A Journey to the Top of Maharashtra

Kalsubai trek overview

The Sahyadri region’s Kalsubai trek is among the most popular. At a height of 5,400 feet, it is the tallest hill in Maharashtra and is close to both Mumbai and Pune. 

The route offers amazing views of natural landscapes, including waterfalls, woodlands, grasslands, and old forts. All year long, visitors from the adjacent villages come to the Kalsubai Temple at the crest of the mountain. 

The Great Kalsubai Trek
The Great Kalsubai Trek

They travel here to receive Kalsubai Devi’s blessings. It is thought that Kalsubai, a young country girl, resided in the mountains. She assisted in village activities at the time while also healing locals and animals. 

The Kalsubai trek, which hides away in the beautiful Sahyadri hills, is made up of rocks and sheer, vertical hill slopes. The peak offers a great perspective of a number of forts, including the forts at Kulang, Madan, and Alang.

We advise a one-day hike to this location, but if an overnight trip is being considered, one can stay at Bhandardara, which is around 16–17 km from Bari Village. If you’re feeling a little more daring, set up camp on top of the hill in a suitable area. 

History of kalsubai trek

The Kalsubai trek or Mountain is named after a Koli girl name kalsu, she is a kind and compassionate girl and always helps sick and injured people. there is a story that her in-laws forced her to do some chores and she reject to do after that she ran away from home and lived on a mountain rest of her life and become popular among local people.

after that, a kalsubai temple was built in her honor and after that, the mountain is known as kalsubai trek or kalsubai mountain.

Now it is a famous destination for trekking, camping, and hiking.

Details for the Kalsubai Trek event

  • Kalsubai Peak is approximately 5400 feet high. 
  • The medium-level difficulty for the Kalsubai Trek Bari is the Kalsubai Trek base community. 
  • Igatpuri/Bhandardara is the location 3.5 to 4 hours are needed to ascend the Kalsubai summit one way. Duration: one day and one night

Following are some suggestions for planning a journey at night to Kalsubai peak:

  • you have plenty of time to reach the summit before the sun comes up and begin your trek early in the evening.
  • You should take a nice lamp or flashlight because you will be hiking at night.
  • Bring lots of layers of clothing and wear comfortable hiking boots or shoes.
  • It can get very cool at the summit, so dress for the cold.
  • There are not any facilities on the trail, so bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • Inform someone of your plans and the time you expect to return.

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Best time to visit kalsubai trek

Well, the best time for a trek depends on what are you looking for in a trek but let’s see which time is best to do this trek.

monsoon is the best session to do this trek between June to September because you can feel the natural green hills and clouds in the background. but you have to prepare yourself for the muddy and slippery platforms so is it better to be prepared for wet weather.

winter is also a good option to do this trek who want to avoid heat or rain, also the view is also clear during this time and fewer people come to visit in winter as compared to monsoon. you can try this amazing trek between December to March.

In between September to October kalsubai hill get full bloom you can see wildflowers and air filled with sweet scents.

Overall we can enjoy kalsubai peak in any season. however, monsoon and winter are the most popular season’s tourists visiting this peak.

What are the things important to carry during the trek?

some of the things you should carry are:

  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • first-aid-kit
  • trekking shoes
  • Rain gear
  • and medicine if you need any.

The advantages of traveling a night journey to Kalsubai trek include the following: 

Because the path will be all to yourself, you may enjoy the quietness of the mountains. The moon and stars will be visible in all their splendor. Your reward will be a beautiful sunrise. After completing a difficult hike, you’ll feel satisfied.

For more information on the Kalsubai trek and how to book it, please visit the Trekhievers website: trekhievers


Overall, the Kalsubai trek is an extraordinarily challenging experience that is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re searching for a memorable and satisfying trip, this trek may be for you.


Q: Can a beginner do this trek?

Yes, a beginner can do kalsubai trek it is not too difficult and there are no technical challenges, however, it is important to have good physical condition to be prepared for the weather.

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