Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station: A Foodie’s Paradise


Train passengers who enjoy food will especially enjoy Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station. It is situated in Apna Nagpur, Maharashtra, and provides a variety of mouthwatering snacks, sweets, and flavourful foods. This special station combines the pleasure of delicious meals with the ease of transit.

Short intro to Nagpur city

Nagpur, the vibrant city located in the heart of India, captivates visitors with its rich history and diverse cultural heritage. Known as the “Orange City” due to its abundant citrus orchards, Nagpur is a delightful blend of tradition and modernity.

Delicious Food Options:

The vast menu at Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station, which offers great food options, is well-known. For those who want a quick snack, they have a selection of “Pani Puri,” “Bhel Puri,” and “Sev Puri.” If you’re a sucker for sweets, try some traditional Indian delicacies like “Gulab Jamun,” “Rasgulla,” and “Jalebi.” Additionally, they offer delicious appetizers including “Samosa,” “Kachori,” and “Pakoras.” These nibbles go well with a cup of tea or coffee. 

Quality and Hygiene

The Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station’s food stands are renowned for their superior quality and cleanliness. They guarantee that the cuisine is made hygienically and uses fresh ingredients. This guarantees that travellers can eat their preferred snacks without concern.

An Experience to Remember

It is an adventure in and of itself to visit Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station; it is not only about the cuisine. The ambience at the station is bright and dynamic, and the decorations are colourful. Even better, you can watch the chefs make the snacks, which will add fun and excitement to your culinary adventure.


  • Corn Sandwich Plain (₹95)
  • Corn Sandwich Grilled (₹105)
  • Paneer Tikka Sw Plain (₹120)
  • Paneer Tikka Sw Grilled (₹130)
  • Veggie Cheese Sw. Plain (₹110)
  • Cream Of Tomato (₹90)
  • Veggie Cheese Sw. Grilled (₹120)
  • Cheese Cigar Roll (₹199)
  • Cheese Pizza (₹225)
  • Margherita Pizza (₹235)
  • Exotic Veg Pizza (₹260)
  • Pizza Choice Topping (₹260)
  • Bom Masala Grilll Sand (₹125)
  • Grill Cheese & Veg Sand (₹110)
  • Veg Cheese Burger (₹80)
  • Veggie Delight Burger (₹70)

Main Courses

  • Sweet Corn Veg Soup (₹90)
  • Crispy Veg (₹204)
  • Dry Chilly Potatoes (₹185)
  • Chowmein (₹204)
  • Fried Rice (₹204)
  • Manchurian (With Gravy) (₹299)
  • Chilli Paneer (With Gravy) (₹214)
  • Schezwan Rice (₹214)
  • Chilli Paneer Combo (Rice) (₹189)
  • Spring Roll (₹90)
  • Hot And Sour (₹164)
  • Manchurian Combo (Rice) (₹179)
  • Veg Fried Momos (₹130)
  • Cheese Fried Momos (₹130)
  • Veg Momos (₹130)
  • Corn Spinach Cheese Momos (₹130)
  • Manchurian Combo (Noodles) (₹180)
  • Chilli Paneer Combo (Noodles) (₹190)


  • Gulab Jamun (₹50)
  • Jalebi (₹50)
  • Rasmalai (₹75)
  • Barfi (₹50)
  • Laddoo (₹50)
  • Kulfi (₹50)


  • Tea (₹20)
  • Coffee (₹20)
  • Cold Drinks (₹30)
  • Juices (₹30)

You can order food from Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station online through RailRestro’s app or website, or by calling at 8102202203. You can order your food by just entering your PNR number or train details and get your food.

The current time is 2023-06-24 at 13:09:48 PST. The restaurant is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

If you are looking for a unique and delicious dining experience in Nagpur, then Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station is the place for you.

Here are some additional details about the restaurant:

  • Address: Outside Nagpur Railway Station, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001
  • Phone number: +91 8102202203
  • Hours of operation: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Website: https://www.haldirams.com/outlets


Haldiram Nagpur Railway Station is a must-visit place for food enthusiasts and offers a large selection of delectable snacks, desserts, and savoury foods that have been carefully and hygienically prepared. Both locals and visitors going through Nagpur will have a memorable experience at the station. In order to savour the delectable flavours and gastronomic wonders it has to offer, pamper yourself when you find yourself at this famous railway station.

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